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International Cosmos Prize

The Prizewinner 1993

Name Sir Ghillean Prance
Born on 13 July 1937
Nationality United Kingdom
Title Director,
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew,

Reason for Awarding

The academic contributions by Dr. Prance center on his excellent achievements concerning plant diversity. Although the groups of plants on which he has concentrated are mainly trees in the Amazonian region, he has been interested consistently in the patterns of plant diversity in the New World tropics, where biological diversity is on the highest. He has also been in charge of promoting the “Flora Neotropica Project” in his capacity as secretary general of the project. Meanwhile he has advocated the necessity of compiling the “Flora on the Earth” while contributing to the establishment of the International Organization for Plant Information. By this means, he has attempted to provide a unified view of all plants on earth. He has also devoted much attention to the relationship between plants and humans and expanded his field of study in ethnobotany, econobotany. In the field of conservation, he has made outstanding contribution by fostering studies of their cultured requirements in the laboratory.

Since he became Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Dr. Prance has successfully built on the foundations of study carried out there for more than two centuries, and developed new programs in plant conservation, data processing, economy botany, and education.

From these excellent results and achievements, it is clear that he has contributed to the symbolic developments of plants and humans, by grasping the relationship between nature and humans in a unified manner and from a global standpoint.


1952 - 1956 Malvern College
1957 - 1963 Keble College, University of Oxford, England
1963 Ph.D. (Forest Botany)
Subject of thesis: “A Taxonomic Study of Chrysobalanaceae”
1968 - 1975 Curator of Amazonian Botany, New York Botanical Garden
1975 Director of Botanical Research, New York Botanical Garden
1977 Vice President, New York Botanical Garden
1981 Senior Vice President and Director,
New York Botanical Garden Institute of Economic Botany
1988 - 1999 Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
1988 - Visiting Professor, Reading University
1993 Fellow of the Royal Society
1995 Created Knight Bachelor
2000 - Scientific Director, the Eden Project


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* titles as of the time of winning the prize