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About Us

About Us

Expo '90 Foundation


The Foundation was established for the continual commemoration of Flower Expo'90. Its responsibilities are to manage the Expo'90 commemorative funds and to promote activities in order to successfully live up to the main theme of the Exposition "The Harmonious Coexistence between Nature and Mankind". Through its activities, the Foundation will continue to contribute to and cultivate a healthy and enriched society.

Board of Directors

Chairperson Mr. Takashi Imai Honorary Chairperson, Nippon Keidanren
President Mr. Kazuo Sumi Chairman and Representative Director, Group CEO, Hanshin Hankyu Holdings, Inc.
Executive Director Mr. Mitsuru Tanaka Full-time
Director Dr. Hideo Imanishi Professor Emeritus, Osaka Prefecture University
Director Dr. Hajime Koshimizu President, Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure
Director Ms. Kazue Honma Advisor, Ujishi city Park Public Corporation
Director Dr. Hiroyuki Morimoto Professor, Kyoto Gakuen University
Director Mr. Shinya Wada Vice Chairperson, Japan Landscape Contractors Association
Auditor Mr. Ryoichi Kitayama Certified Public Accountant
Auditor Mr. Yoshitane Horii President, KANSAI・OSAKA 21st Century Association

Council Members

Council Members Mr. Yasuyuki Aoki Director, Toyo joshi Gakuen
Mr. Hiroshi Ozaki Chairperson, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr. Hideo Kado Director General, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Osaka Station
Dr. Akihiro Kinda Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University
Ms. Yumiko Sato Professor, Otemon Gakuin University
Mr. Hiroyuki Takeuchi Vice Governor, Osaka Prefectural Government
Mr. Seigo Tanaka Deputy Mayor, Osaka Municipal Government
Dr. Motoaki Doi Professor, Graduate School of Kyoto University
Mr. Koichi Hata Chairperson, The Japan Home Garden Association
Mr. Takaharu Hatanaka Councilor, Japan Flower Promotion Center Foundation
Ms. Keiko Masaki Adovisor, The City Planning Institute of Japan KANSAI
Dr. Noboru Masuda Professor Emeritus, Osaka Prefecture University
Mr. Masayuki Matsushita President, The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation

Advisors / Counselors

Advisor Mr. Kazuo Nakagawa Japan-Korea Friendship Association of Osaka
Advisor Mr. Toru Makino President, Housing Research and Advancement Foundation of Japan
Advisor Mr. Yasuhisa Mitsui Chairperson, Machinami Foundation
Counselor Mr. Masamine Sasaki Advisor, National Science Museum
Counselor Dr. Keiko Nakamura Director General, JT Biohistory Research Hall
Counselor Mr. Takao Hatano President, Gakushuin School Corporation
Counselor Mr. Hiroshi Matsumoto Advisor, Japan International Cooperation System
Counselor Mr. Louis Sato Architect

Major Activities

Commendation Projects

International Cosmos Prize

To carry on and further develop the philosophy of "The Harmonious Coexistence between Nature and Mankind" presented at the International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan, 1990 (Expo'90), the International Cosmos Prize recognizes outstanding research activities and achievements both in Japan and abroad that are in line with this philosophy.

  • 25th Prizewinner
    Dr. Jane Goodall
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    26th Prizewinner
    Dr. Augustin Berque

Subsidy and Cooperative Projects

Subsidy Project

We provide subsidies for non-profit organizations (NPOs), research groups and other entities in Japan in order to support their R&D as well as other activities and events that contribute to promotion and development of the philosophy of Expo'90.

NPO Institute for Biodiversity Research and Education "Earthworm"
Monitoring survey of wild animals and plants to preserve grassland environment

Cooperative Projects

The Expo'90 Foundation provides support for various projects and implements cooperative projects, to create cities filled with fresh air and lively spaces featuring flowers and greenery.

Venues for Green Exchange

Projects Supporting Flower and Green Restoration Activities

We offer grants to activities for restoring flowers and greenery, with the aims of providing the relaxing and enriching effects of flowers and greenery to disaster-affected areas, and of supporting post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction.

Specified NPO Association for Creating Coastal Forests

Awareness-Raising and International Exchange Projects

Projects to Educate the Next Generation

The Expo'90 Foundation holds nature observation seminars for youths and a program to dispatch lecturers to elementary schools.
In conjunction with the Mainichi Shimbun (Osaka), we also carry out a project to create biotopes at elementary and junior high schools.

School visit by an expert lecture
(at an elementary school)

International Exchange Programs

In cooperation with a variety of organizations, the Expo '90 Foundation carries out a number of programs to widely disseminate its basic principle of "The Harmonious Coexistence between Nature and Mankind," not only around Japan but also overseas.

Overseas Youth Exchange Program
Hands-on Biological Survey Tour in Taiwan for High School Students

Survey and Data-Collection Projects

Our Foundation conducts research and surveys and collects data on the culture of satoyama, rural areas of forest and agricultural land in Japan where nature and people are closely connected, and on plant species indigenous to Japan from the perspective of regional industries and biodiversity, and holds symposia.

Symposium on Satoyama (Kobe City)