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About the Prize

About the Prize

Motive of the Prize

The International Cosmos Prize is an annual award presented by the Expo'90 Foundation. Its purpose is to honor those who have, through their work, applied and realized the ideals which the Foundation strives to preserve.

Expo'90 was an event dedicated to the theme -The Harmonious Coexistence of Nature and Humankind- how we as human beings can truly respect and live in harmony with nature. The perspective sought throughout the exposition was one that grasped life on Earth in its total context and stressed the need to understand our world as a single interdependent entity. Exhibitors and organizers alike emphasized the need to chart a correct course for Spaceship Earth.

Of vital importance for research conducted now and in the future is the need to understand the character of the interdependent relationship among all living organisms and the earth. The answers, however, cannot fully be attained with analytical and reductive methods that have served the mainstream of science to the present. The necessity for new paradigms formed through integrated and inclusive approaches has been realized.

The Commemorative Foundation for Expo'90 realizes the importance of a holistic global perspective and wishes to extend its support to those dedicated to this approach. Therefore, it has decided to reward the endeavors of researchers and scientists all over the world who have shown their dedication in this respect, thus giving them the recognition they so greatly deserve. By so doing, not only are the ideals of the Foundation upheld, but also it is hoped that a new tide of values is promoted and its fruits shared with all of humankind.

Contents of the Prize

1.Focus and scope of research to be awarded

The prize will be awarded for research work that has achieved excellence and is recognized as contributing to a significant understanding of the relationships among living organisms, the interdependence of life and the global environment, and the common nature integrating these inter-relationships. It should be characterized by a global perspective which tries to illuminate the relationships between diverse phenomena, in keeping with the concepts and principle of "The Harmonious Coexistence of Nature and Humankind." The following points will be the standards by which the research will be evaluated.

1)The body of work should show an inclusive and integrated methodology and approach, in contrast to analytic and reductive methodologies.

2)The research must be based on a global perspective. If the focus is on a particular phenomenon or specific area, it must have universal significance and applicability.

3)The research should offer a long-term vision which leads to further developments, rather than solutions to limited problems.

2.Selection process

The Cosmos Prize Committee will oversee the entire selection process and the Foundation Chairman will appoint the Screening Committee of Experts which is responsible for the examination of the research by candidates recommended from Japan and overseas. Based on the selection of possible candidates by the Screening Committee of Experts, the Prize Committee will decide on the final recipient.


There will be no distinction made as to nationality, race, sex or creed. However, only living persons are eligible to receive the prize.

4.The award

Only one prize will be presented per year to an individual or a team. The prizewinner shall be awarded a commendation, a medallion and a monetary prize of 40 million yen.


The prize will be awarded at a ceremony held each autumn.

6.Related events

The recipient of the prize is asked to give a commemorative lecture and participate in a symposium held in his or her honor.


Prize Title

International Cosmos Prize

The prize title "Cosmos" was named after the "cosmos" flower which was in full bloom at the time of the closing of Expo'90. The name also means "universe in harmony"(Kosmos), which matches the concept of the Exposition | The Harmonious Coexistence of Nature and Humankind.